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Lee + Bri || Baby Bump

We did an “extra-mini shoot” with Lee and Bri during our trip last weekend to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. We met on the lake and took a few shots to celebrate the miracle that is about to make them a family.
This couple has a very special story behind their baby bump, and we asked them if they would be willing to share it here. They lovingly said “yes” and the rest is to be read :] Enjoy!

“After Lee and I had been married for a few years we decided it was time to start building our family. It was something we had talked about for a long time. Having a family had always been a part of our plan. That’s when we learned that our plan and God’s plan for us may not quite line up.
Procreation turned out to be a much longer and much more painful process than we had bargained for. After a year of what felt like failure after failure, we turned to medicine for help. After another year, lots of poking and prodding, special diets, temperature taking, fertility logs and lots of crying and praying…we were still no closer to parenthood than we had been two years earlier. In fact, having a child seemed even further away because the doctors gave us only a 5% chance of conceiving without medical assistance. We were crushed.
Before we were married, Lee and I talked about the possibilities of adopting someday. We never expected that it would be the path to our first child. However, we were learning that plans don’t always work out the way you expect. So, we started the process. We chose an organization, started the paperwork and took the classes. After nearly two years, we still felt unsure that the timing was right and after more prayer we decided to put the process on hold. Two months after we decided to step away from adoption I found out I was pregnant! It was a miracle! I think I took five pregnancy tests just to “make sure.”

Now, here we are about one month from our little miracle being born. We are over the moon with love and excitement. This child is truly a blessing from above and we are thankful!”

SO many thanks to both Bri and Lee for sharing their incredible story with us. We are real excited to meet that bundle of blessings :]

Daniel + Kelli || Sneak Peek

A little peek at the beautiful wedding we shot last weekend on a secluded private estate in Tahuya, Washington. We sort of fell head over heels for this sweet couple and are so excited to share a glimpse of their big day! Enjoy!

Joshoa + Miranda || engagement sneak peek

This couple is all about adding a lil’ Texas to their Washington lives. Joshoa and Miranda will be saying their vows this Summer at the beautiful Farm Kitchen in Port Gamble and we are so excited to have been asked to share in their big day! But for now, here’s a little sneak peek of these adorable cowboy boot wearing lover’s engagement shoot. Enjoy!


Honeymoon Registry

“Back in the day” a long time ago, wedding costs were placed strictly onto the brides parents. Now a days, more and more couples are paying for their weddings out of pocket and we all know how expensive that can be. Sometimes, couples opt out of a Honeymoon simply because their budget has been eaten up by standard wedding day fees. BUT WAIT! There is now a beautiful thing now called a “Honeymoon Registry”.
We’ve gotta say, we just love this idea! Most couples have enough dinnerware and appliances to last them a lifetime, so why waste your guests money on things you don’t need?!

If you are a future bride or groom we highly suggest you take a visit to these two fabulous online Honeymoon registries:

So next time you’re standing in Target with that cool little device, thinking about scanning in that quesadilla maker (we know how carried away things can get..) consider getting out of there, getting online and adding a room upgrade, a couple massage, a fun tour or a delicious bottle of wine instead!
Happy registering!